Our Story

Hi, Honeybees & future Honeybees!

My name is Danielle Orange,

Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer 


HoneyCurlz Hair. 

Why create HoneyCurlz you might ask? What is the basis that this business is founded on? Well, I started HoneyCurlz for guys and girls of all curly hair textures.  For a long time I, myself, struggled with stagnant growth, damaged split ends and more. I had no knowledge of what it meant to be natural, what an LOC method was, or even how to do a twist out. One day, I was curious with the ingredients of the products I started using at the beginning of my journey. I learned about ingredients used in most store brand products that claimed to be healthy, but weren't. Ingredients that caused dry hair, when I was struggling with moisture or eczema when I was trying to maintain a healthy scalp. And so I thought...I'll do some research and make my own products. I didn't want to try anything else from there on out I focused on formulating my own products. Turns out...IT WORKED! People started to notice how healthy my hair was becoming and became interested in allowing me to teach them.  That wasn't enough for me. I felt as if other people deserved products that worked for them as well. 

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