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High Porosity/Low Porosity

Porosity is your hair's ability to absorb moisture and is broken down into three categories: high, normal, or low.

Having high porosity can mean that your hair has gaps, tears, or just simply absorbs water/moisture as fast as it can dry up.

Low porosity can mean that your cuticles are tight, and resistant to water/moisture.

Normal porosity, well your hair pretty much holds shine & moisture for a substantial amount of time.

Tips: A simple porosity test (taking a strand of your hair and putting it in a cup of water) can indicate whether you have high porosity(if the strand sinks to the bottom), low porosity(if the strand floats at the top), or normal porosity(if the strand flows and lingers midway). 


Acidity products works to keep the cuticles closed, use less products with these properties. When applying anything to your hair, make sure it is completely damp with warm water to help open up the cuticles and absorb the product. Steaming. deep conditioning with hot oils & using hooded dryers are excellent help with low porosity.

High porosity can improve with protein treatments, regular apple cider vinegar rinses, a weekly aloe-vera gel treatment, and using more butter and oils.

Try differing between carrier oils and sealants that work better for high porosity hair.

Following a regular healthy hair regimen can continue to help keep your normal porosity. Keep doing what your doing!