Everyone uses what works for them. Please, by all means, use what works for you. Enjoy the product and love the benefits it can provide for you. However, please do not ask for returns or refunds in the event: you do not like the scent, are not satisfied with the consistency, are allergic knowing the listed products are allergens to you, or get results you expected to be tremendously different. All products are made naturally, however naturally-made, does not make it compatible with everyone. Also each and every product must be worked into your hair correctly in order to penetrate and do what it is supposed to do.


Processing a shipment may take anywhere from 1-3 business days. Expect your order to arrive from UPS or USPS. For example: If I ordered the "HoneyCurlz deep conditioner" on Tuesday, processing would be done by Wednesday and your order should be received by Friday at the latest. Please understand you can receive orders BEFORE any of the predictions because our processing times is based on our order high or low volumes. 


Currently we are not accepting pic up orders. Please bare with us as this policy has changed


In the event we allow a pick up order, it will be announced and the pick up policy above is what all customers will need to follow. Thank you.


Once an order has been shipped with HoneyCurlz, there will not be a refund or any exchanges. Any refunds or exchanges issued will first be authorized and approved by HoneyCurlz team. In the event a product has been received damaged or defective, you may email with full name, pictures of the product, and the order number so that we can trace you back to your order, for an authorization of a refund or exchange. The customer must also agree to pay for his/her shipping fee of the return. If an order is shipped without the authorization of a return or exchange, there will still be no issue of a return or exchange until deliberately decided otherwise. It is also of the discretion of any HoneyCurlz team member to authorize if allowed; please understand once packages reach USPS, it is out of our care and within their facilities and responsibilities, also issues of damages can be filed a claim through them. You'll only receive store credit or refund upon agreeance of a HoneyCurlz team with the requirement of paying an invoice for shipping fee of a new item order.

Although, we do not accept requests for refunds or exchanges, before a product has been shipped out and you no longer want the product, or need to change a product, you may email for any cancellations that need to be made. ONLY if the product is being processed and has not been shipped yet.